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Jul, 29 Kara

Here I have uploaded a few new photos of Rachel at the NYC Premiere of her new film, A Most Wanted Man. Check them out in the gallery!

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Jul, 23 Kara

Hello everyone I thought I would post the newest, most recent trailer of Rachel’s new film A Most Wanted Man. I will add new screencaptures of the trailer to the gallery soon. A Most Wanted Man is coming to theaters July 25th 2014. :)

Jul, 23 Kara

Rachel McAdams has to watch her ex Ryan Gosling and girlfriend Eva Mendes glow over their new baby joy, but will she be able to move on from it? Rachel is a beautiful actress and we know she’ll find love again, but does she? Click HERE to see what she told ‘Allure’ magazine.
The Notebook star Rachel McAdams, 35, thought she found true love when she was dating her dreamy co-star Ryan Gosling, 33. However, the two split for good back in 2008 and now Ryan is expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Eva Mendes, 40. This news hasn’t settled well for Rachel, and she’s been upset over her ex’s baby joy. However, in a new interview she revealed something very personal!

Rachel McAdams After Ryan Gosling — Still Believes In True Love
Rachel has reportedly been trying to cope with the baby news she received about her ex-boyfriend and she was recently seen “drowning her sorrows with martinis” in France.

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However, she looked naturally stunning on the August cover of Allure. She showed off her glowing smile, not at all looking upset! Then, Rachel proved that she was happy and moving on from Ryan. When was asked about finding true love again, she told Allure, “Oh yeah, for sure. Absolutely.”

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Everything happens for a reason, Rachel! We know she’ll find true love again — wonder who the lucky man will be!

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Ryan Gosling Will Retire After Baby’s Birth
Meanwhile, her ex may not only be becoming a father, but also may be ditching his acting career.

“I’ll make movies until I make babies. I have no idea when the handover will happen,” Ryan said in an interview back in 2011, reports the Us Weekly. Is he going to stick by his word and give up acting for his new little one? We’ll just have to wait and find out!

Hey, HollywoodLifers! Do you think Rachel should be devastated over Ryan’s baby joy? Who do you think she should date next? Let us know what you are thinking!

– Sammi Errico


Jul, 22 Kara

Hello everyone! This is Kara(ShadowAbsol) from the starszz forum. I will like to gladly announce that is finally open. I am still working on a few things for the site such as the videos and media part of the site. But everything else should be working smoothly. If there are any errors please just contact me!

I will be adding some news of Rachel very soon and will add more and new images of Rachel to the gallery! I am also looking for donations of icons, graphics, videos anything that can help the site grow. Come back soon more new updates every day at